What is the climate action plan in austin texas?

The Austin Climate Equity Plan has established the goal of equitably achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout the community by 2040, meaning that the Austin community would reduce our use of fossil fuels to nearly zero. We believe that this goal is possible and we know that it is necessary to preserve a habitable climate. The signatories are colleges and universities in nearly fifty states that are taking action against climate change and preparing students through research and education. Foster regional collaboration by creating a Texas Climate Collaboration, which will bring together neighboring counties and counterpart cities across the state to share best climate practices and strategies.

As part of the Climate Leadership Network, Austin College reports annually to Second Nature on greenhouse gas emissions. The Center for Environmental Studies also develops a climate action plan every five years to keep emissions reduction objectives on track. The Austin Climate Equity Plan was created with the input of nearly 200 community members, with an intentional focus on engaging racially and economically diverse residents about the challenges, barriers and opportunities faced by historically excluded groups. The successful implementation of the Climate Equity Plan will require the collective awareness, action and participation of all members of the Austin community.

The new Austin Climate Equity Plan was designed to limit the local effects of climate change and address related racial and economic inequalities in the city. The Climate Leadership Network is an exclusive Second Nature program that provides resources, networks and opportunities for national participation for undersigned institutions.