What is the austin equitable climate action plan?

The Austin Climate Equity Plan has established the goal of equitably achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout the community by 2040, meaning that the Austin community would reduce our use of fossil fuels to nearly zero. The Austin Climate Equity Plan is our opportunity to prepare for the impacts of the climate crisis and, at the same time, correct racial and other inequalities in the city. The design, construction and real estate industry impacts climate and equity based on what we build and where we build. This course will address the challenges and opportunities of implementing the objectives of the Development Plan in growth corridors.

Heather Houser will share the ideas of the Planet Texas 2050 climate initiative at UT Austin and discuss the importance of cultural knowledge and imagination in designing a climate future just for Austin. We will also be joined by Cole Kitten, from the Austin Department of Transportation, who will talk about the practical implementation of the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, the updated Transportation Criteria Manual, and the role of the building design and construction industry in achieving the objectives of the Plan. Foster regional collaboration by creating a Texas Climate Collaboration, which will bring together neighboring counties and counterpart cities across the state to share best climate practices and strategies. This plan outlines Austin's goals and strategies to address equity and racial, social and economic justice as a key component of achieving climate resilience objectives and reducing the city's emissions. The plan was updated last month to what is now called the Austin Climate Equity Plan, which includes achieving net zero emissions by a date before 2040, while addressing racial equity for all Austinans.

Nefertitti Jackmon, CoA's community displacement prevention officer, and Mandy De Mayo, CoA's community development administrator, will discuss their strategies for addressing these challenges and opportunities in Austin. Austin Climate Equity Plan, Lucia Athens, sustainability, Alison Alter, Office of Sustainability, Zach Baumer, Youth Climate Equity Council, Community Climate Ambassadors, Planet Texas, Rocky Mountain Institute, Center for Resilience, National Security and Emergency Management, Jason Alexander. Successful implementation of the Climate Equity Plan will require the collective awareness, action and participation of all members of the Austin community. The speakers will discuss their participation in the development of the plans and will address the next steps for the city and design professionals to implement these plans.

The Austin Climate Equity Plan was created with input from nearly 200 community members, with an intentional focus on engaging racially and economically diverse residents about the challenges, barriers, and opportunities faced by historically excluded groups.